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Design of minor structures (formerly BD 94/17). Version 1.1.0

DMRB: Highway Structures and Bridges CD 354 Version 1.1.0

Design of minor structures (formerly BD 94/17). Version 1.1.0

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Civil & Structural Supplement


DMRB: Highway Structures and Bridges


Looks at design considerations for minor highway structures including lighting columns, cantilever masts for traffic signals and/or speed cameras, CCTV masts and fixed vertical road traffic signs. Aligned with BS EN 40, BS EN 12899 and replaces BD 94/17.


Highway Structures and Bridges. Design. Supersedes CD 354 Revision 1 Design of minor structures (formerly BD 94/17). (HE, 2020) and BD 94/17 Highway structures: Design (sub-structures and special structures) materials. Special structures. Design of minor structures (HE, 2017). Design manual for roads and bridges (DMRB). Version 0 - dated December2019 - replaces BD 29/17. Version 1 - dated March 2020 - updates references and corrects definition D in Equation 12.12 and clause 12.14. Version 1.1.0 - dated February 2022 - changes made to core document.


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National Highways is a government company, with responsibility for operating, maintaining and improving motorways and major A roads in England. It works with the Department for Transport and was previously known as Highways England and Highways Agency.



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