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Moving from linear to circular: incorporating circular economy thinking into the built environment

CIS Insight 02/2022

NBS, 2022
Moving from linear to circular: incorporating circular economy thinking into the built environment

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While sustainability has become a key topic, most of the world’s economy still relies heavily on a linear “take, make, dispose of” economy model. This requires not only access to enormous quantities of cheap and accessible materials and energy but large areas in which to dispose of products or parts at the perceived end of their lifecycle. Unfortunately, we have reached the point where we are 1) running out of those massive quantities, and 2) waste accumulation and disposal have become problematic. Enter the ideology of a circular economy. In circular thinking, materials, components and products are kept at their highest use and value throughout an extended lifecycle. The focus from beginning to end is on restoration, regeneration and reuse rather than disposal. This CIS Insight explores circular thinking and how you can make it work for you.


Sharman, J.


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NBS are committed to offering distinctive, innovative specification and information solutions to construction industry professionals and are proud to be leading the construction industry in its digital evolution. Their roots lie in the UK's National Building Specification and for nearly 50 years has been helping the construction industry build better and with lower risk. Their future lies in cloud-based technologies and connected data, as they fast become the information marketplace for the global construction industry.



NBS has produced specification systems and information products for construction industry professionals for more than 40 years. The National Building Specification is the recognised UK national standard and is used by over 5,000 organisations. NBS is part of RIBA Enterprises Ltd.

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